Newborn experience


Congratulations! Whether you’re expecting or have already brought your new baby home, life has changed. You either feel their little kicks, pass their nursery and think about their arrival or you look into their eyes as you’re feeding them and wake during the night just to check on them. Life as you knew it has just gotten a thousand times better!

Your newborn session takes place at your home and gives you both the studio style posed photos of the baby solo and the lifestyle photos of the whole family. You get to stay in the comfort of your home and I will come to you, bringing everything I will need with me. All you need to worry about is getting yourself dressed!

Your mind is going 100 mph, in a 100 different directions, wondering if you’re forgetting this or that. It’s mom brain and it is very real. The last thing you want is to forget these little moments while in your mom fog. They grow so fast and even in a month, they will have changed so much. 

The safety of your new baby is always my number one priority! I have taken the proper classes to ensure your newborn is safe with me.  I will treat your baby as if they were my own (minus the kisses as much, as I would like to!). I know it’s hard to put trust in someone with your precious newborn and I will quickly earn your trust as you watch me work from the comfort of your couch.

For that burning question in the back of your mind that nobody likes to discuss- YES! I am vaccinated! 

Mom and dad in the nursery. Dad sitting in the rocking chair holding newborn girl, mom sitting on the arm of the chair. Both looking down at baby girl.This a mirror image. We are looking at the mirror and inside of the mirror is a mom and dad sitting together holding their newborn baby boy in the nursery.Mom and dad sitting on the couch in the living room. Mom is sitting between dad's legs, holding baby boy. Both mom and dad are looking down at baby. Shiplap walls behind them in Morgantown.Mom holding newborn boy up to her face. They are nose to nose. Lots of white surrounding them in Morgantown.Newborn Photographer, a mother holds her new baby in her arms in a chair at her homeNewborn girl is lying on a pink background, wrapped in a pink wrap, wearing a pink bonnet. Newborn boy looks like he is in a hammock. All navy blue. All at-home newborn photos.Mom and dad on the nursery floor, holding their newborn girl, looking down at her and smiling.Moms sitting on a bed with their toddler girl and newborn boy. Everyone is smiling.Dad holding newborn boy, mom has her hand on dad's shoulder and looking at baby, smiling.Mom and dad sitting in front of crib, holding newborn boy.Newborn girl lying on a flower backdrop, wrapped in a pink wrap, with a pink flower headband in Uniontown PANewborn girl in a hobby lobby basket with hobby lobby flowers around her with a Fancy Fabric and Props floor as a backdrop. Baby girl is wrapped in a red wrap with matching flowers in Uniontown PA