maternity experience

on location

Congratulations! You’re growing a human! Whether you have tried for years, had the wonderful help of science, or you were lucky enough on the first try- this is an amazing experience you’re going through right now! Your body is doing incredible things, you’re exhausted, you’re sick, everyone wants to rub the belly, but you also feel so wonderfully blessed and on top of the world. 

Take a little time to slow down and truly enjoy this special moment. See the way you glow, the way you look so lovingly at your baby inside you, the way your significant other throws loves stares your way that you don’t even see- but I do and i capture that for you. This is your time, momma! 

the entire process, from the very beginning is simple, laid-back, done -for-you, and fun! Life is busy enough without adding another thing-that’s why i do it all for you or with you! I cannot wait to meet you and give you the photos you deserve and you will be proud to have in your home (and on Facebook and instagram!).Maternity Photographer, a woman holds her belly while looking confidently at her husband, they stand outside togetherMorgantown and Pittsburgh Maternity Photographer, expectant couple standing on a hillside