Whether you’re expecting or have already brought your new baby home, those first few weeks are a blur, I remember it all too well. My private, commercial studio is inviting and relaxing, perfect for new parents! 

This is probably your first trip out of the house, so allow me to relieve this stress from you by having everything needed for the baby ready to go when you arrive and give you a much-needed moment to yourself (while you’re in the same room, of course!). You can show up knowing that all of the smallest of details are perfected, just waiting for you and your family. 

Allow yourself to be pampered and to feel your absolute best with professional hair and makeup as an add-on service or included with certain collections. Just show up and I’ll do the rest for you!

Such a great experience! Shannon is the person you want you take photos of your newborn/family! Her expertise not only produced great photos, but also it’s a relaxes. stress-free environment!- Laura

Morgantown, WV Newborn Photographer

Newborn baby girl in studio. She is wrapped in a purple wrap and has greenery and purple flowers around her.
Newborn session in studio with mom holding her newborn girl. Mom is wearing a green dress, baby is wrapped in a mauve wrap with a gray background.

Such a great experience! Shannon is the person you want you take photos of your newborn/family! Her expertise not only produced great photos, but also it’s a relaxes. stress-free environment!- Laura

best newborn photographer pittsburgh
Newborn session in studio. Dad is holding is newborn baby boy on his chest and kissing his head. Baby boy is wrapped in a green wrap. They are in front of a gray background.

Newborn Photographer Morgantown, WV

Newborn girl in studio with a flower headband and lying on a purple posing table.
Newborn baby boy wrapped in a cream wrap on a blue background.

Your Session

Your newborn session will take place in my Morgantown studio where I will provide all of the beautiful things for your baby. With an array of high end and beautiful items, your custom setups for the baby’s solo portion will be ready upon your arrival. 

Newborn boy posed on a teal background. He is on his stomach with his hand under his cheek.

Your newborn session is best done within the first 21 days of birth (but please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re past this age, I may be able to squeeze you in). 

Newborn baby girl posed on red. She is in a taco pose on her stomach with her hands and feet under her.

Your baby’s safety is always my number one priority! You can rest assured that your baby is in good hands. 

Posing new moms to feel and look their best is a close second. We all just want to feel beautiful, am I right?

 You’re not just sent a link and left on your own, I am here to help every step of the way. You have access to unmatched, archival products that you can pass down for generations to come and I will assist you to choose the best for you and what you’re after.

Let’s get started creating your best photography experience ever!

Props in the studio with the posing table and many wraps.

Our baby girl was so fussy and I almost called to reschedule, but I didn’t. Shannon had her calmed down in no time and got her to sleep so easily. Not to mention, the most precious photos of our sweet girl! She really is the baby whisperer! _ Danielle

Newborn Boy in the studio, posed on teal. He is lying on his back, with his feet tucked up and his arms showing.
Mom holding her newborn baby girl up to her cheek and closing her eyes.

Newborn PhotographY in the MORGANTOWN AREA

Full collections begin at $600.
Mini collection begins at $400.

Ask about the bump to baby package!


What if my baby comes earlier or later than my due date?

Babies almost never come on their due date, that’s for sure. Your due date is only used as a tentative date to ensure you a spot on the calendar. Once the baby arrives, we will get you an exact date within the proper time frame.

When is the best time to book newborn photos?

I recommend booking as soon as you know you’re wanting newborn photos! I know sometimes that isn’t until after baby is already here, but second or early third trimester is best. My schedule fills up quickly, so the sooner the better. However, reach out and I will see if I am able to accommodate your little one. 

What if my baby has acne?

Almost all babies do, so don’t worry! This is something that I will fix for you. It’s just something that happens with all babies.

Where are the photos done?

Your studio newborn session takes place in my studio right off of the interstate in Morgantown. The address is 827 Fairmont Rd Suite 206 Morgantown, WV 26501. 

Do I bring anything for the baby? Clothes or props?

Nope! I provide it all! New items are being added all of the time. 

I even have diapers and wipes, so you quite literally only need milk!

What happens if my baby uses the bathroom on your stuff?!

That’s what washers are for! It won’t be the first time and certainly won’t be last.  No worries at all!

Do you provide digital images?

Absolutely! We live in a digital world, so every package includes a set number of digital images. I do offer prints and products that are unmatched and not available to consumers for you to purchase to get the most from your session. Most clients love adding products after seeing some of the gorgeous pieces of art.

How do I know if I’m prepared?

I will send you a prep guide to help with that! It will give you all the tips and what-to-do’s! 

Family Newborn Photography Morgantown, WV