Modern Maternity Session

Modern maternity session in studio with bodysuit,

Momma messaged me on Instagram and said, I didn’t know I wanted maternity pictures until I saw yours!”

Talk about a compliment! 

We got our schedules synced up with Amanda for hair and makeup and that’s all she wrote. 

She knew she wanted to wear the black bodysuit from the studio and had purchased a black dress to wear, but what happened when she was at the studio is when her dreams were full!

Maternity session in studio, Mom is wearing a short black dress.

Let me back up a little bit. 

When she came into the studio, she came in a t-shirt and shorts with her hair in a messy bun. Yes!!! Comfy! 

We all chit chatted while she got her hair and makeup done, shared lots of laughs, then it was time. The time I get so dang excited for, the session! 

She chose the little black dress above to start the session. Perfect! She was so nervous to step in front of the camera, I mean yeah, I get it. But, it wasn’t long and she was working it! Having so much fun and let the anxiety fly out the window (I tend to make folks feel comfortable, which I’m thankful for.).

We got a variety in the little black dress and then she changed into the black bodysuit (in the studio wardrobe). 

Black bodysuit, maternity

When she walks out of the bathroom from changing into the bodysuit, stunning momma! You could see her confidence lifting as time went. With some different poses to increase her proofing even more, she thought she was finished. 

She mentioned seeing “draping fabric” done with maternity and asked if I had ever seen it. “Seen it?! Girl, I do it!”. 

We walk over to the wardrobe rack to check out the colors of draping fabrics and she saw it straight away!

Draping silk for maternity

Let me tell ya, when moms say how nervous they are for their session, then get naked at the end… that says how comfortable they are with me, just sayin’.

Anyway, I covered the door for her privacy and wrapping away we went! 

As I was draping the silk on her, she said, “You’re making all of my maternity dreams come true right now!”.

Yessss!!! Girl, that’s what I want for you! You to feel like the beauty you are, I am here for it! 

We finished up her session and let me just say – AMAZING! 

Her whole proof gallery was full of amazing photos and the ones she chose are just *chef’s kiss*. 

Maternity session in the studio

If you’re ready for an amazing experience and photos that are equally as unmatched, I’ll be here waiting for you to make all your maternity session dreams come true too!

Shannon Slemp, with Wood and Lace Photography, preparing for a newborn session in the Morgantown studio.


“Our family is just the right mix of chaos and love.”
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