Morgantown, WV Newborn and Family Photographer


Morgantown, West Virginia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania photographer providing a laid back, fun, and meaningful photography experience resulting in high quality, artistic images of your family.

“If you are thinking about getting photos done, we HIGHLY recommend Shannon. Not going to lie, getting photos of this crew is usually VERY stressful. Shannon made it fun and even came to our home and caught us in all of our happy places! I will cherish these always!”

Dad holding son, both laughing. Pittsburgh Photographer
Newborn boy in a creative wrap that looks like a tux. In-home newborn, Morgantown newborn photographer
Maternity session- Mom dancing on a rock in the sunset. Morgantown maternity photographer
Moms standing in their yard, one mom holding their daughter, one mom holding her dress. Maternity photographer Morgantow
Mom sitting on a rock with son and daughter. Morgantown photographer
Little girl running under a blanket that mom and dad throw up. Daughter laughing. Pittsburgh photographer
Dad sitting in nursery chair, holding newborn baby boy. Mom sitting on arm of char. Both looking at baby. Morgantown
Mom and dad looking at each other, dad holding youngest son, oldest son standing. Morgantown Photographer
Dad holding newborn baby boy, mom holding onto dad, both looking at baby. Morgantown newborn photographer
Dad holding newborn, mom holding her dress. Pittsburgh newborn Photographer
Mommy holding baby on a rock, 3 older kids play behind her. Morgantown Photographer
Mom holding daughter, daughter looking up at mom. Pittsburgh Photographer
Mom and dad holding onto each other, one boy hugging mom and one boy hugging dad. Pittsburgh photographer
Mom holding baby, her older son's and husband playing around her. Pittsburgh photographer
Maternity image. Dad holding mom's belly and looking at mom. Mom holding her dress. Pittsburgh newborn photographer

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“Shannon, these had me in TEARS. They're so beautiful! I can't wait to print them and put them all over the house!”