Packing Your Hospital Bag In Morgantown

Newborn baby girl in a cream crate with a green fluffy under her. She is wrapped in a cream lace wrap and a flower layer is under the crate.

What Do I Take In My Hospital Bag?

As we are getting ready to have our babies, we are so focused on so many things – the nursery, making sure we have the latest and greatest baby things, all the onesies, all the best bottles, etc… But, as parents seem to do, we put ourselves at the very bottom of that list and at the last minute, we think, “Oh, no! What do I pack in my hospital bag?!”. So then we head to those wonderful mommy groups asking everyone there and it becomes overwhelming. So I decided I would ask my Facebook mom group and see what the most popular answers were. These are from real moms, just like you. 

Mom is sitting on a white bed, wearing a cream colored dress. She is holding and kissing her newborn girl that is swaddled in a sage green wrap and wearing a flower crown.

So many of the moms had the same things to say, so I will just list them below and you can check them off. 

  • Comfy clothes for you. nothing too tight fitting.
  • Your own undies if you don’t want to wear the mesh ones provided by the hospital.
  • your own toiletries that you can toss when you’re ready to leave.
  • blanket and pillow that you don’t mind ruining (not that you will, but it’s nice not to ruin the things you love!).
  • extra long charger cord for your phone so you can reach from the bed.
  • chapstick (this was a big one!). 
  • snacks for you and your significant other
  • boppy for after baby is born
  • comfy slippers
  • nursing bra and pads if you plan on nursing.
  • a robe to cover your booty 
  • folder for baby documents
  • baby’s going home outfit

and the one that everyone got a kick out of (and totally meant as a joke!) wine! 

Outdoor maternity with mom wearing a robe. Mom has one hand on her hip and the other over her head. The sun is shining directly over her.

I hope this helps you to prepare for your hospital stay as much as possible!

Packing My Hospital Bag

Shannon Slemp, with Wood and Lace Photography, preparing for a newborn session in the Morgantown studio.


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