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Morgantown Senior Pictures

Congratulations! You raised an amazing person and they’re about to head off into the world. Scary to think about as parents, I know, but also so very exciting. You have worked so hard to get them here and I am proud of you, give yourself a pat on the back.

I know you want their senior year to be nothing less than amazing, including their senior pictures. Give them the best images for their IG, while giving you the best portraits for your walls and a great, fun experience for you both along with it.

My daughter had so much fun with Shannon. I was just watching from a distance and it was so great to see her laughing and having a good time. It brought tears to my eyes.”

Customize Your session

Let’s discuss what you and your child see for their session. What sports were they involved in? What instrument did they play in band? Let’s incorporate it and tailor their session to match their personality.

What to expect

You can expect lots of fun, laughter, and maybe some tears as you see your child so grown up. I’ve been in your shoes watching my son go through the same things and it’s so hard, yet so rewarding. Full of all of the emotions.

My son hates having his photos taken, always has. When we met up with Shannon, you would have thought he was a model! He was even asking her for more photos! I couldn’t believe it!”

Let's plan your session

I only accept a specific number of sessions per week, in and out of studio, so that I am able to give each client the attention they deserve.

Dates are held for 48 hours only, then are open for booking to the next on the list.

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