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Pregnant mom holding belly and looking into the sun. Maternity Photographer Morgantown, WV


Congratulations, momma! You're growing a baby! How awesome is that?! At your maternity session with me, I want you to feel like the goddess that you are!

I recommend your maternity session between 32-36 weeks. This allows for your bump to be showing well, but you're not too miserable to move around and your ankles haven't reached their swelling capacity yet.

Bring your significant other and any children you already have, this is a family experience. Of course, you will still be the main focus and I will get some solo shots of you just being a queen!

I will first help you with your wardrobe so that you feel your very best, then help style your significant other and any other children you may have. It is my goal and pleasure to make this experience stress-free and seamless for you as I have done for so many other families!

Let's get started writing your story today!

  • Consult with me
  • Sign contract and pay retainer to reserve your date
  • Wardrobe consult
  • Choose your location
  • Meet up, have fun, and create that gorgeous art you hired me for
  • Choose your prints and products

Collections start at 250

As you see, my style is simplistic. You won't get lost among a ton of props, you are the sole focus in your pictures. Your photographs with me are timeless, vibrant, and full of love!
Maternity session- Mom and dad on a hill. Dad is holding mom's belly and mom is looking at belly. Morgantown maternity
Mom holding her belly and swaying back and forth. Morgantown Maternity Photographer
Dad holding onto mom and mom's belly, both looking off into the distance. Morgantown Maternity Photographer
Moms looking at each other, one mom holding daughter. Maternity pictures Morgantown
Close-up of mom and dad holding mom's belly for maternity pictures. Morgantown Maternity photographer
Maternity session. Mom dancing on a rock with the sun shining through trees. Morgantown Maternity photographer
Maternity session. Dad holding mom's belly, mom and dad kissing. Morgantown Photographer at Golf course
Maternity session. Mom and dad loving on each other, mountain views behind them. Morgantown maternity photographer
Close-up of mom and dad holding mom's belly at The White Barn at Lucas Farm. Maternity photographer morgantown
Mom and dad dancing in the sunset at The White Barn at Lucas Farm. Morgantown maternity photographer
Mom and dad holding mom's belly and loving on each other in front of the pond at The White Barn at Lucas Farm
Mom and dad kissing and holding mom's belly on a hill. Maternity Photographer in Morgantown
Mom holding belly with one hand, other arm on dad. Mom and dad looking at each other. Morgantown golf course, maternity
Mom holding her belly, eyes closed, and head back. Soaking in the last parts of pregnancy. Morgantown maternity
Mom facing the sun, eyes closed, holding her belly, with mountains behind her. Maternity photographer in Morgantown