Location Guide

Included with your session is access to all of my exclusive and private locations. This means you can only get them when you book with me and they’re private to allow your family to be yourselves and not have to worry about a lot of other people surrounding you. Each location offers something different, but all are absolutely beautiful! Weather, lighting, and clothing all play a role in your final image look. 

Location 1

This location is one of the most popular choices during spring, summer, and fall. It showcases beautiful fields of wildflowers at certain times of the year, tree-lined, and the most beautiful sun shining though the trees. It also has many different backgrounds all without walking too far! Perfect for children and pets!


Location 2

Location 2 is the brightest and most sunny location, this brings deeper colors into your photographs. It is a large, open field with mountain views and trees in the distance. Great for children and pets!

Location 3

This location showcases West Virginia perfectly! Gorgeous mountain views as your backdrop, it is beautiful in any season. Low clearance vehicles not recommended, perfect for children and pets that will not run off as there are steep hills.

Location 4

Here, you can enjoy evergreens all throughout the year with a white picket fence! The sun shining through the pine trees while children are playing with the white picket fence in the background is sure to put a smile on your face! Perfect for children, no pets permitted.


Location 5

The special feature of this location is a pond, but there is so much more that it offers! This is a client favorite! Perfect for children and pets!

Location 6

From the sun shining through the trees to moss covered rocks to ferns in the summer, this location has a lot to offer! Due to its location, the times are mid-morning and early afternoon. If you have children that need early bedtimes in the summer, this is the perfect spot for you!