Your Experience


Congratulations, momma! You’re growing a baby! How awesome is that?! At your maternity session with me, I want you to feel like the goddess that you are!

I recommend your maternity session between 32-36 weeks. This allows for your bump to be showing well, but you’re not too miserable to move around and your ankles haven’t reached their swelling capacity yet.

Bring your significant other and any children you already have, this is a family experience. Of course, you will still be the main focus and I will get some solo shots of you just being a queen!

I will first help you with your wardrobe so that you feel your very best, then help style your significant other and any other children you may have. It is my goal and pleasure to make this experience stress-free and seamless for you as I have done for so many other families!

Let’s get started writing your story today!

Maternity Photographer, a woman in a white dress is expecting, she holds onto her belly while sitting outdoors near a quiet river


The little toes, squishy nose, and chubby cheeks won’t last long! Before you know it, they’re rolling over, then crawling, then running everywhere!

The safety of your new baby is my number one priority!

Part of the luxury experience is that I come to you and I bring everything to your home but the baby! You get to stay right in your own home where everything you could ever need is right at your fingertips. This is a special time for your family and your new baby’s immune system is still gaining strength. Have an older child? They can play until it’s time for them to be in a picture! Just sit back and relax and I will take care of everything for you! You get the lifestyle images AND the posed images! There’s nothing better than that! All newborn images you see on my site are done right in the clients’ homes!

You, your significant other, and any children you have are included! For the solo shots of baby, I will wrap and lightly pose them. All sessions are baby-led. If they don’t want to do something, I will never force them to.

For scheduling ahead of time, we will use your due date as a tentative date. Once you have the baby, let me know and we will schedule an exact date and time. In-home sessions take place at 10 am or 2 pm.

Already had your baby? Reach out! I may still have availability! Newborn session can take place up to 3 months of age.

Newborn session are more lenient on time due to diaper changes, feedings, and sometimes just needing some additional cuddles.

Many parents will even do something they haven’t had time to do while I do the baby portion of the session. It is my goal and pleasure to to create the same stress-free experience that I have for hundreds of other families!


They will come tell you goodnight 2200 times after you have tucked them into bed, but oh they’re so cute! Your children will play and have fun, running through fields and laughing. Can you see it? Is it what you’d like to remember 20 years from now? Perfect! That’s exactly how I do things here! I will guide you the whole time and capture the genuine happiness you showcase! Nobody will get bored, that’s a fact! We will all have a blast, yes even me!

All of the exclusive locations that I offer are perfect and safe for your kids to run and play!

It is my goal and pleasure to create a stress-free experience for you as I have done for hundreds of other families!

I can’t wait to help you create your story in photographs!

Muddy paws, wet noses, and tail wags welcomed and encouraged!