Packing Your Hospital Bag In Morgantown

What Do I Take In My Hospital Bag? As we are getting ready to have our babies, we are so focused on so many things – the nursery, making sure we have the latest and greatest baby things, all the onesies, all the best bottles, etc… But, as parents seem to do, we put ourselves at the very bottom of that list and at the last minute, we think, “Oh, no! What do I pack in my hospital bag?!”. So then we head to those wonderful mommy groups asking everyone there and it becomes overwhelming. So I decided I would


Best OB/GYN in Morgantown

OB/GYN In Morgantown FINDING THE RIGHT OBGYN IN MORGANTOWN, WV WHILE YOU’RE PREGNANT CAN BE DIFFICULT. YOU WANT TO ENSURE YOU FIND SOMEONE WITH AMAZING BEDSIDE MANNER, HAS YOUR AND YOUR BABY’S HEALTH AS A PRIORITY, AND WILL ALWAYS LISTEN TO ANY CONCERNS YOU MAY HAVE. You’re full of so much excitement, but also so many nerves! So many things to think about, will I make the right choice? So, you head to Facebook and Google, looking for suggestions and experiences. I surveyed over 5,000 Morgantown moms to get their input on the best Morgantown OBGYN! My initial thought was

Maternity outdoors, Mom is wearing a fitted purple dress and holding her baby bump with green trees and grass all around her, looking off in the distance.

Weather and Photography in Morgantown

Most people want the perfect weather for their picture day. Well, unfortunately, it isn’t always sunny here in Morgantown. But, it doesn’t have to be! I have taken some of the most beautiful images when the fog covers the mountains, there is a storm headed our way, or even in the snow! There is so much more to your pictures than the sun and weather. Connection, love, movement, clothing, among many other things help to bring your photos alive. You can have the most gorgeous sun and warm day, but if you’re missing something else, well it just won’t be

Shannon Slemp, with Wood and Lace Photography, preparing for a newborn session in the Morgantown studio.


“Our family is just the right mix of chaos and love.”
– Unknown

Hello! I’m Shannon, the gal behind Wood and Lace. I am a full time professional photographer. When I’m not behind the camera, I am editing, working on the back end (website, marketing, etc), taking new courses to continue to grow my craft, and then all of the mom things after work is over the day. They say if you do something you love that you will never work a day in your life… I beg to differ. When you love what you do, you will work harder than you ever have in your life. The only difference is that it will feel all of the hard work is worth it.