Should I have an in-home or studio newborn session? | Morgantown Newborn Photographer

Newborn photography is a great way to celebrate the birth of your new baby. As you search the internet for the "perfect" photographer for you and your family, you may have some questions.

There are thousands of newborn photographers and every one of them will have a different style and approach to newborn photography. Sometimes it can get overwhelming and feels impossible to made a decision.

One of the main things to ask yourself....

Do I want to have my baby's photos taken in my home or at a studio?

This should be one of the first things you ask yourself, it will help you with making a decision faster (and I know how precious time is!).

Here are a few reasons I believe in-home newborn photography is the better option.

In-Home Newborn Photography Is Safer For Your New Baby.

Why? Well, you're not taking your newborn, who is still building an immune system, into public in the first few weeks of life. Photography studios are a great option in the right circumstance for sure, but, are they washing each and every blanket they use before each new client? Are they photographing older children as well, like toddlers and school age kids that bring lots of viruses with them everywhere they go?

Keeping your baby's immune system protected is at the top of my list and keeping your baby at home ensures their exposure is kept to a minimum the first few weeks.

In-Home Newborn Photography Is More Comfortable For The Entire Family, Especially When There Are Older Siblings.

As you know, having a new baby in the house changes everything. Whether you're adding your first child into the family or the 10th, change always comes with challenges. Having your newborn photos taken in your own home completely takes away one seemingly impossible step- packing everyone and everything up and leaving the house. Your photographer will come to your house which allows for more family time and less stress. Your new baby will be more comfortable where the sounds and smells are familiar, allowing your photographer to capture more photos of your baby relaxed.

In-Home Newborn Photos Capture Your Family's True Essence.

While I do "pose" new babies in the home, my main focus is on the family's connection and love. Being in your home allows me to observe this special stage in your life and incorporate personal elements of your home and routine into your photos. In-home photography ensure that you remember this fleeting moment as it was, perfectly imperfect.

In summary, in-home newborn photography is safer, more comfortable, and more authentic. It is a beautiful way to capture this season of your life that I assure you, goes all too quickly.

Big sister kissing newborn baby brother. Morgantown WV newborn Photographer
Not the baby anymore! Kissing little brother. Morgantown WV Newborn Photographer
Daddy hands and newborn baby feet. Morgantown WV newborn photographer
Daddy hands wrapping up baby boy, Morgantown WV newborn photographer
daddy holding baby, mommy kissing baby, Morgantown Newborn Photographer
Mommy holding baby by window, staring with love. Morgantown WV newborn photographer
baby on changing table, mommy's hand holding him. Morgantown WV newborn photographer
mommy's hand holding baby on changing table. Morgantown WV newborn photograpehr
big brother holding new baby brother with a huge smile. Morgantown wV newborn photographer
family sitting in the boho nursery. Morgantown WV newborn photographer
big brother reaching into crib to newborn baby brother. Morgantown WV newborn photographer
mom and dad cuddling and holding newborn baby boy in boho nursery. Morgantown WV newborn photographer
baby boy in crib with name sign above crib. Morgantown wV newborn photographer

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