• Show your family some images from past sessions. This will prepare them by seeing that everyone has fun and they're not all staring at the camera and saying "cheese" as they may be used to.
  • Come well fed. Many times families wait until after for dinner and everyone is hungry during the session. If this is your plan, give everyone a snack prior to your session.
  • Make sure everyone is well rested. Don't schedule your session during nap time.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Often times, moms are rushing around trying to get everyone ready, including themselves. Leave extra time for showers, baths, dressing, grooming, etc. When a family shows up rushed and disorganized, it can set the tone for your session.
Mom getting cuddles from her 4 children while sitting on a rock. Morgantown, WV Photographer
Mom sitting on a rock, in the snow, holding infant son with her other children playing around her. Morgantown WV
Mom and daughter sitting on a rock in the snow. Morgantown, West Virginia Family Photographer
  • Don't wait until last minute to get your hair colored, eyebrows waxed, spray tan, etc. You will want to make sure they have time to settle before your session.
  • Many dads dread coming, but once they're there, they always tell me it wasn't what they expected, they actually ENJOYED it.
  • Remind everyone not to "say cheese"! This results in unflattering images with forced smiles. Step back allow me to naturally interact with you and your child. This will result in your natural smiles and beautiful images, capturing you and your personalities.
  • Be prepared to have fun with your family! You will cuddle and play with your family, guided by me the entire time. Don't be afraid to toss your child in the air or kiss your beautiful wife, I love catching those moments, too! JUST BE YOURSELF!
  • Allow your children to be themselves! I expect nothing less than for them to be a little rambunctious, with lots of energy, full of themselves. That's okay, I actually love it! You may not think I will get the images you're wanting, but I promise I'm getting exactly what you hired me for!
  • Relax. Breathe. Be you. Be confident. Your family is beautiful and you're there to capture the moments, connection, and love between you. That's exactly what we will do together!
Mom and son laughing together. Morgantown West Virginia Newborn and Family Photographer
Mom dancing on a rock in the sunset. Morgantown, WV Newborn and Family Photographer
Mom holding infant son and and breathing him in. Morgantown, West Virginia Newborn and Family Photographer