Finding the right OBGYN in Morgantown, WV while you're pregnant can be difficult. You want to ensure you find someone with amazing bedside manner, has your and your baby's health as a priority, and will always listen to any concerns you may have.

You're full of so much excitement, but also so many nerves! So many things to think about, will I make the right choice? So, you head to Facebook and Google, looking for suggestions and experiences. I surveyed over 5,000 Morgantown moms to get their input on the best Morgantown OBGYN! My initial thought was to write up the top 5, but one of them won by a landslide and there were only 2 others with anymore than one. Seems like whatever it is you're looking for, you'll have some amazing options!

3 Most Recommended Morgantown OBGYN in Morgantown, WV

Dr. Prettyman

Dr. Prettyman had the most recommendations by a landslide! Every one of the moms had the same things to say about him. He will take his time to listen to you, he never rushes you, and will spend the amount of time needed with you. If you don't understand something, he will ensure you understand before you leave, even if he needs to draw a picture for you to see exactly what he is talking about. "his appointments are often behind, but I never care because I know he is giving every patient his undivided attention", says Molly, one of the mothers answering the survey. Becky says, "hands down my 100% reason is his priority is my needs and my body. Even if it sounds like it isn't a big deal, he will never brush you off.". many of the morgantown moms were agreeing with each of their statements and then would tell their experience, which is very similar to the above.

WVU Midwives

Wvu midwives had many comments from the moms raving on feeling a part of their birth plan. "I felt a sense of control", says Kristin. Patsy says, "They listen to you and stay with you all through labor, guiding you.". If you want added control with amazing bedside manner, this seems to be a great option!

Dr. McCullough

Dr. McCullough had many moms raving over how she listens to them and doesn't rush them. "Great bedside manner, knowledgable, and friendly", said Erica.

All of these Morgantown OBGYNs come highly recommended and had nothing but positive reviews and kind words spoken by their prior patients.

Whichever doctor you choose, it seems they're all amazing! I didn't deliver my own children around here, so I can't give my own recommendation. There are so many supportive doctors, nurses, staff, and resources to create a great experience throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnant momma holding our her dress and holding her belly. Morgantown maternity photographer

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