All about your newborn session 

Congratulations! You’re expecting (or trying, or maybe you’ve already had your baby)! There are a few variations of what a newborn session can consist of, so I wanted to tell you a little bit about a newborn session with me.
If you’re planning ahead, we use your due date as a tentative date. Once you’re home and comfortable, you let me know, and we will get you an exact date scheduled. By doing this, I keep slots for a specific number of babies making their way, so you’re scheduled pretty quickly! If you’ve already had your baby, reach out anyway! Babies come early and late all of the time and I can sometimes find a spot to fit you in! Don’t miss out on these precious moments!
The best thing- I come to YOU! Yes, you read that right! You just stay at home and relax, I’ll do all the hard work for you. I will bring all of the wraps and props needed, along with lighting.
I start with solo shots of the baby upon arrival. This usually takes place in living room. With setting up, working patiently and safely, and tearing down this is the longest part of your newborn session. Some parents love to watch and some will use this time to finish getting ready or do something they haven’t had time to do (dishes, laundry, nap. Just to name a few).
Once the solo baby portion is complete, we move on to the family portion. This will include parents and any siblings and usually takes place in the nursery and/or the master bedroom. This is the quickest part and flies by!
That’s it! You’ve not had to take baby out and you get those beautiful portraits and lifestyle images both!
Don’t worry about any messes, I promise! I have two children of my own and I get it. It is hard, especially with a newborn. That is what a good use of angles are for and no judgement from me!
And, to answer that burning question in the back of your mind… YES, I have been vaccinated!
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“Our family is just the right mix of chaos and love.”
– Unknown

Hello! I’m Shannon, the gal behind Wood and Lace. I am a full time professional photographer. When I’m not behind the camera, I am editing, working on the back end (website, marketing, etc), taking new courses to continue to grow my craft, and then all of the mom things after work is over the day. They say if you do something you love that you will never work a day in your life… I beg to differ. When you love what you do, you will work harder than you ever have in your life. The only difference is that it will feel all of the hard work is worth it.